Apparently Rosie, a 12 week old German Shepard puppy wanted to drive!  She gave it her best shot but both Rosie and her owner ended up in the drink!

The enthusiastic puppy had just gone for a walk along the banks of Bolivar Pond in Canton, Massachusetts, and when her owner opened the door to the already running car she jumped in and became tangled in the gear shift.  The car jumped forward and then Rosie fell down into the gas pedal.

The puppy and the car both ended up about 30 feet off shore and to make matter's worse Rosie jumped into the back seat.

John Costello, who is Rosie's owner, and a couple of men nearby swam out to the car and had a heck of a time coaxing the dog out of the car, but they did it.  Everyone made it to shore safely.  Costello praised the two men for their help, "I'm glad they were there cause if they weren't there, I don't know what I would have done."

Fire and police showed up and retrieved the car which is considered a total loss.