I was privy to an unbelievable call with Maureen Hancock, a spiritual medium, appearing at the Cross Insurance Center this Friday night, at 7 PM, May 2nd. Maureen did a reading over the phone with Nikki Violette.

You can hear the reading below, by clicking on the arrow.

Afterwards, Nikki sent me the following email

Thank you again for letting me have the opportunity this morning of talking with Maureen. That was so amazing. I cried. It felt so nice to know that my grandmother does hear me. That gives me such joy beyond words. I am a firm believer of this and even more so now. My grandmother was the one who kept the family together i guess is the way to put it. She was always there for every one. She was my second mom. I was there with her until the end. My uncle Sonny died at the age of 2 1/2 of meningitis my gram thought it was the flu back then they did not know much about that. My mom is the youngest and my aunt still is alive. My uncle Ron like I said died in 1996 of Lung Cancer. My gram said he was there with her while she in the hospital before she passed I heard her talk to him every day. This has given me such peace to know that they are together and happy. I will continue to talk to her everyday like I do now knowing she can hear me.
Again thank you so much.


Spirit medium Maureen Hancock will appear at the Cross Insurance Center ballroom in Bangor on May 2, 2014. Be a part of the most unique family reunion ever witnessed as Maureen Hancock delivers her “Postcards from Heaven.” * She uses light-hearted humor to take the edge off the overwhelming subject matter of death. Tickets are just $30.00 for general admission seating. You can purchase your tickets by clicking HERE, or purchase them the night of the show.