Millinocket Firefighters believe the blaze that closed the Katahdin Federal Credit Union in that town today started as an electrical problem above the boiler. Millinocket Fire's Deputy Chief Thomas Malcolm said when crews first arrived, they found fire above the boiler that had burned through the ceiling to the second floor.

"We made access to the second floor which has an apartment, conference rooms, and offices. The fire had burned through the floor up there and had followed the chases to the chimney and also had gone to the west side of the building. So we had to cut into the walls and cut into the floor to finally get the fire knocked down. We'd just seem to get it knocked down and it would pop up somewhere else."

Malcolm said two people were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but, other than that, there were no injuries. The State Fire Marshall's office has been called in to investigate, but Malcolm says the fire most likely started as an electrical problem above the boiler.

He says the damage is repairable but it will take some time before the building can be used again. In the meantime, Katahdin Federal Credit Union has set up a temporary office to service its customers.

Crews from Millinocket and East Millinocket battled that blaze.