I think that everyone knows that California sits on some serious faults and needless to say we’ve seen some strange phenomena that caused Tsunamis to hit and devastate cities and entire populations.  So I am thinking unlike Noah’s compatriots who had never seen rain Chris Robinson’s neighbors in Palo Alto California don’t think he has completely lost his mind…completely.

Not too long ago after the 2011 Tsunami that annihilated japan he began to wonder how his family might survive an event of that magnitude and the design of the Tsunamiball was born.

Now almost completed the giant 'tsunamiball' that can float away from its perch in his back garden, keeping its occupants safe inside.

Robinson is confident that it can survive the impact from any direction and withstand the beating of foreign debris to the hull. He hopes to finish the vessel later this year and has a webpage chronicling it from conception to its current status.