The mother accused of killing her daughter earlier this month told police she drugged the young girl before taping her mouth and nose closed, according to an affidavit released Friday.

Leanna Norris, 24, is charged with the murder of  2 1/2-year-old Loh Melody Grenda.

Among the allegations stated in the affidavit are that "Leanna Norris gave Loh Grenda two or three syringes of Benadryl to make her go to sleep; that Leanna Norris put black Gorilla [duct] tape on Loh Grenda’s mouth and nose; that Leanne Norris put a blanket over Loh Grenda’s face so she would not have to look at Loh’s eyes; that Leanna Norris said that she killed Loh Grenda.”

Norris then tried to kill herself, but failed, according to the document. Norris was hosptialized at a Rockport facility before her arrest.

The affidavit was released after a Superior Court justice denied the defense motion to keep court documents sealed in connection with the death.