Awhile back I did a post on Morgan Smith Goodwin, who is the spokesperson in all of the Wendy's television commercials.  Man, the 'hits" that story generated from all parts of the world is really quite amazing. Morgan's commercials are very very popular!

The advertising people for Wendy's restaurants know that they have a winner with Morgan and this particular campaign!  It's highly evident as the curls in Morgan's hair become even more red in color and even longer in length, and this once common looking girl becomes even more glamorous on camera!  And, as other companies pick up on the popularity of the campaign!

It's funny, just for kicks keep an eye on the tube for commercials that mimic  Wendy's.  Here's one below for Miracle Gro!

By the way, the girl in the Miracle Gro commercial is Tiffany Elle, an actress who mostly focuses on comedy. She's been in a few TV shows like "Whitney" and "Till Death".

tiffany Elle publicity shot

Of course there will be more Wendy's "copy cats" to come, we'll keep you updated!  Although it's hard to imagine that any Wendy's campaign will ever surpass the popularity of the then 81 year old Clara Peller and her "Where's The Beef" commercials!  And, she pulled it off without red hair.