We've all seen it too many times, some sort of road rage happens right in front of us!

Here's a video shot from a cell phone this past Monday on a Tampa, Florida highway.  Seems a woman was being tailgated by an irritated dude in a pick up while she was traveling in the passing lane for various reasons.  When the man finally made his way by her on the right hand side he proudly flipped her off before moving back into the passing lane and losing control of his ride.  The woman then laughs loudly.

If you're in the right frame of mind the video can be humorous . But, there ain't no tolerance left on America's road no more. Too bad.  Everyone displays a driving fault at one time or another.

I drive Route 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth every day and have seen some pretty amazing things.  People literally using their three ton machines in a game of chicken while traffic comes to a stand still behind them.   Young people flipping off the elderly and so on.

What's the worst instance of road rage that you've ever witnessed?