Hence after the good Lord made Megan Fox, he then broke the mold, because he knew that he could not do any better, so it is written.

Megan played a cheerleader in the movie "Jennifer's Body", but she freely admits that she was a terrible cheerleader for that one year in high school.  The only reason that she participated in cheerleading was that she was always grounded, and it scored her a free pass to get out of the house.  You see, Megan was a bad..bad girl.

Megan has a few tatoos, not all of them thought out before she they were inked.  She says that most of her tatoos were "impulse buys", except one, of Marilyn Monroe.  "Because she created a character that she lived behind, said Megan. So she was always playing a character within a character in all of her movies.  So I think the psychology within that is very interesting".

Is everyone keeping up here?

Megan hosted Saturday Night Live once, but she's never watched the episode.  She said that if she did she'd have a panic attack.  She's kind of shy, you know?

Megan's a cat lover. So, please excuse the cat hair on her pant leg.  Megan, you're excused!  Bless you!

Getty Image - Michael Buckner