Mud season is right around the corner, and some property owners are worried about "mudders" ruining their land.

State officials say it's the time of year when drivers of four wheel drive pickups and other vehicles look for areas where they can do their thing and watch the mud fly. These various vehicles can be viewed by some as huge roto-tillers creating havoc, other view them as a whole lotta fun during the weekend!

During spring some trails will display red and white signs signifying that the trail is too wet and not in use, so be on the lookout for those.  Also, many trails allow ATVs, but do not allow trucks of any kind. The Maine Warden Service and Forest Rangers will be on the lookout for folks who are mudding where they are not supposed to be.

While out on the trails this spring, be on the lookout for any illegal dumping of trash and other household items.  If you see any illegal dumping contact the Maine Warden Service at 1-800-ALERT US.

So we ask that you be responsible, respect private property, and "happy trails"!