Tennis anyone?  She never won a singles title, but Anna Kournikova was once one of the most famous professinal tennis players in the world.  Just search her out within Google images, and you'd be one of the millions to do so!

Anna did reach the top playing doubles, winning Grand Slam Titles in 1999 and 2002.  She has since retired from tennis due to health problems, different spinal problems including a herniated disc took her out of the game.  But, she's kept busy, filling in for Jillian Michaels during one season of The Biggest Loser, and serving as a Global Ambassador for Population Services International Five & Alive program, which addresses health crises for children five and under.

Anna was born in Moscow, and now resides on an island off the coast of Miami Florida with pop star Enrique Iglesias in a $20 million mansion.  The two continue a long term relationship, they may or may not be married.

Anna Kournikova, this week's "My Girl Friday"!

Getty Images - Clive Brunskill