Yup, the actress who played Sharpay in the High School Musical movies is all grown'd up!  Ashley Tisdale is now 28 and burning up the pages of Maxim Magazine and the screen of Scary Movie 5.

Ashley started out as a Disney actress and still hangs with her best friend from those days, Vanessa Hudgens.  You may remember Ashley playing another cheerleader in the short run CW TV show Hellcats.

She grew up in Ocean Township, New Jersey but now spends time on the beaches of Southern California. She sings professionally and has released a few albums.  We don't even know what her songs sound like, but they're music to our ears.

Her distinctive nose has been medically altered because of two small fractures that was affecting her breathing.  Just looking at Ashley affects our breathing.

Ashley is currently recording a new album and she tells MTV that she hopes to "surprise people a little bit, and do something that I haven't done before".  Keep surprising us Ashley!

Getty Image - Jason Merritt