Today is Yasmine Bleeth's birthday, the former Baywatch and Nash Bridges actress is 45 today.

Back in 1980 at the age of 12, Yasmine Bleeth first came on the scene starring with comedian Buddy Hackett in "Hey Babe"!  The world then took notice of this beauty when she donned the orange and red swimsuit of Baywatch!


Then there was the "Got Milk" ad.  My God. How many dormitory walls was that hanging on?  Thousands!


At the age of 20, Yasmine's mother past away from breast cancer.  Yasmine would later become spokesperson for the Lee National Denim Day Fundraising Campaign which donated thousand of dollars towards breast cancer research.

In December of 2000, Bleeth entered rehab for cocaine addiction.  In 2001 in Michigan, police found her passed out in her car within a highway median, they also found syringes and cocaine. Recently she has said that she is clean and sober, and that "consciously trying to stay off drugs is now part of my life and always will be".  We wish her well!

Getty Image - Chris Weeks