You know that your dog is your best friend, but when it comes to loyalty is he one of the best?  It's crunch time for Fido!  How does your Poochie live up?

Pet360 has listed the "10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds" and here they are:

  1. German Shepard.  Pet360 describes the German Shepard as a "devoted family dog" and I can vouch for that, as my family always had German Shepard throughout my childhood years.  Very smart, protective dogs and very loving.  Keeps everyone away from the house including your girlfriend so prepare for that.
  2. Doberman Pinscher.  "Energetic, alert and fearless, the Doberman’s nobility and temperament give it a well-deserved place on any “loyal dog” list", according to Pet360.  Keep plenty of raw steak around so that you can get into the house.
  3. Yorkshire Terrier.  The perfect lap dog.  My wife wants one of these, afraid the cat may eat it though.
  4. Akita.  What is an Akita?  Google it and you'll find that it's very cute, and very strong. Known as "the Great Japanese Dog".  Bet if you had a bunch of these running around in the yard the mailman would never come close, great assets for not receiving bills.
  5. Golden Retriever.  The "ideal family dog"  Of course you have to vacuum the house every day.
  6. Labrador Retriever.  Another great family dog, loving and obedient. Also knows exactly what's in the garbage pail.
  7. Skye Terrier.  A great watch dog that is dedicated and loyal to its owner.  Remember the story of Greyfriars Bobby?  A Skye Terrier in the 19th century that protected its late owner's grave for 14 years before it died itself.  Now that's loyalty.
  8. Rough Coated Collie.  Lassie and loyalty, need we say more?  "What is it girl"?
  9. Irish Wolfhound.  These guys have been around since 300 B.C., one of the oldest dog breeds.  They'll be loyal but won't put up with any of your nonsense.  That's right, you can go lay down.
  10. Brittany.  Originally from France, Brittanys are breed to hunt, point and retrieve.  A great breed to have along when hunting foxes, who drive nice cars.