My picture on this no. Not anymore at least!

A few weeks ago I posted a #TransformationTuesday photo on my Facebook page. I didn't expect the huge response it got! I figured I'd share a little more about health kick.

I had been wanting to loose weight for years; but was intimidated by the thought of gyms, diets and everything else that goes along with healthy living. When I went off to college I didn't gain the dreaded 'freshman 15.' That came along my third year of college...and I kept gaining.

I remember moving out of my old apartment and not wanting to get rid of some nice clothes I had from my days at Hollister. The skinny jeans where impossible at this point for me to wear. I could have killed someone if a button on my shirt popped was under some pretty high tension.

More years went by with my micro clothes tucked away in a bin. Reluctantly I was buying bigger and bigger clothes. I was embarrassed; but knew it was my fault. I switched up my eating habits a bit and saw a little success in dropping weight. I was still uncomfortable at the beach and lost all my confidence around the ladies.

Eight weeks ago I said 'enough is enough!' I was going through a rough time in my life and wasn't doing anything productive to make myself happy. I wanted to be happy in my own skin again. I wanted my confidence back. Conveniently, here at Townsquare Media, we launched a fun employee weight loss challenge. I thought it would be fun to participate with other people looking to better themselves.

My original weight loss goal was ten pounds. I just wanted to be out of the 'overweight' category on the evil BMI chart. I started seeing a physical therapist to help safely ease me out of couch hibernation. I also started reading into healthy eating habits, learned more about metabolism and how the body process food.

Through research and guidance I made a workout routine, that for the most part I can do at home, and created a diet that features healthy food I ACTUALLY LIKE! I also purchased an exercise bike and parked it right in my living room, in front of the TV. Why binge watch episodes of The Walking Dead on a couch when you can sit on the bike?!

After lots of hard work, perseverance and patience I'm now 25 pounds lighter than I was eight weeks ago! BEST PART: I'm rocking those old clothes I had tucked away! In the photo below I'm dressed head to toe in clothes I haven't been able to wear in FIVE YEARS!

Through this experience I've learned a lot. There's no magic pill that will drop weight off you. It doesn't matter if you work out in the morning or at night. Exercise when you can! Healthy eating isn't ALWAYS more expensive. There's lots of diets and exercise routines out there. Use different aspects to make your own Frankenstein diet and routine, AND STICK WITH IT. Once you start to see those pounds start ticking down on the scale, smile, 'cause you doing it! You're losing weight!