Yesterday we wrote about two mysterious barges carrying very weird looking modular like cargo, one moored in Portland Harbor and the other off the coast San Francisco.  After viewing the legal registrations of the barges themselves, and seeing computer language included, some people began speculating that Google had something to do with them.  Turns out they were right.

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Yesterday, the Coast Guard in San Francisco confirmed that Google was involved with the west coast barge.  Later that day though, the Coast Guard revised it's statement, saying that they could not confirm or deny Google's involvement with the barge.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Coast Guard officials in Maine do have information on the owners of the barge on a "need to know basis", and that "they are fully aware of what's on that barge".

The Halloween mystery continues.

Google does hold a patent for a "floating data center that can be cooled by ocean water", so many of the rumors continue concerning Google.  So far, the folks at Google have been quiet.

The structures on the barges are comparable, they're about four stories high and made of modules.

Are these floating data centers the look of the future?  Once again, only time will tell!