The Cross Insurance Center and Ovations Food Services have developed a new burger and they want us to come up with a name for it!

Here's the new Signature Burger creation that we're dealing with!  It's a half pound of Angus beef piled high with bacon. Lettuce, tomato and onions are then added.

Now here's the kicker, everything's topped off with a mound of poutine!  Yeah, if you've eaten way up in Aroostook Country you know what poutine is!  French Fries, gravy and cheese curds baby!

Everything is lovingly nestled between a sesame seed bun.

Belly up and then get ready to hit the treadmill!

So what would you name the new Cross Insurance Center's burger?

The winner of the contest will be announced on April 28th.  They'll get a couple of the new burgers, two tickets to a show or concert of their choice along with dinner at the buffet that night.  Plus name recognition in the arena and the concession stands!

What did I come up with?  Why "The Bangor Boogie Burger" of course!