Three seasons of The Walking Dead, six seasons of Sons Of Anarchy, you have to love NetFlix!  And we've always loved the modest price of subscription, but that will soon change.

In the company's just released quarterly earnings report it was announced that prices will be going up "this quarter".  NetFlix states that the price hike will be $1 or $2 per month.  The current NetFlix monthly subscription rate for streaming is $7.99.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, NetFlix Chief Executive Reed Hastings (pictured above) said, ""Over the last couple years, we've been improving the content selection on Netflix. We have to eventually increase prices a little bit."

The good news is that existing customers will get a "generous time period" where they'll continue to pay $7.99.  There's no official word as to how long the generous time period would be, but the company has recently hiked prices in Ireland where they offered a two year grace period to existing customers.  Which leaves us plenty of time to finish watching season six of Sons Of Anarchy!