In the battle of the bulge 2 days does not the week make…or break according to new research out of Cornell University in New York.  New research but not really a new thought I remember years ago when I did Weight Watchers they had a weekends off program and this really follows that suit.

What the folks at the university feel they have proved is that just as there are different sleep cycles on the weekends there are also different diet cycles on the weekend.  Meaning we tend to eat too much and sleep too little on those day but go back to a schedule during the week that balances for the excess. Or in other words just as there are sleep cycles, there are also weight loss cycles.

Turns out almost everyone loses weight on weekdays and gains weight on weekends. The critical difference they found between slim and not so slim people was their work week eating habits not weekend over indulgences.

The study, led by Dr Brian Wansink, took a look at a person's weight on all seven days of the week, the varying cycle and its long term effect weight maintenance.

80 volunteer adults were asked to weigh themselves once per day before breakfast. in the hopes of proving the regularity of weight fluctuations  on given days of the week. What they found is that on Sunday and Monday we tend to weigh more but then Tuesday – Saturday we go back to our better weight.

Up shot they feel is healthy regular eating habits during the work week  and short term splurging will give most people successful weight control.

Find the full study published in the journal Obesity Facts