There's a lot of history buried in a 180 year old cemetery, and now at Bangor's Mount Hope Cemetery the folks that created that history are a lot easier to find. The cemetery which is located off State Street and Mt. Hope Avenue spans 264 acres and is one of the nation's oldest cemeteries.

Now, with the new search feature and map, it's pretty easy to find just about anyone who's been buried there. photo

For instance, Al Brady, the gangster who was gunned down on Central Street in Bangor in 1937.  Al may have been from Indiana but he's buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, in lot 2119PG.  Other information offered up is the name of his parents, his exact age, and who the funeral director of the burial was.

The 15th Vice President and 26th Governor of Maine,  Hannibal Hamlin is buried in Lot  3 Riverside CG.

Cemeteries are an interesting place, especially one as old as Mt. Hope, and thanks to the Bangor Public Works department we now have an easy way to explore it!  The website address is