If you love camping, then you're going to love this!  A new campground is being planned for the Acadia Schoodic Peninsula and with any luck it will be open this summer!

The new campground will be located between Winter Harbor and the picnic area at Frazer Point on the east side of the bay, just about a mile south of Route 186.  It's expected to have 100 campsites available.

An company called Lyme Timber owns the 3,200 acre piece of land, but are currently working on an agreement with Acadia National Park.  If agreed upon, the Park would then operate and maintain the new campground.

A spokesperson for Lyme Timber said that "a philanthropic family foundation" that wishes to remain anonymous wants the land to be conserved and to have permanent public access.  That family has purchased an interest in the land.

Hiking trails will be built and new bicycle pathways will eventually make their way across the peninsula to Wonsqueak Harbor where visitors to the Park exit and the road turns back into two way lanes.

Construction on the site is expected to begin soon.

This is great news for the Winter Harbor and Gouldsboro areas!  A financial pinch was felt there when the Navy base closed in 2002.  Now, hopefully campers will be in town purchasing groceries and other supplies and eating in area restaurants!  Time to open that laundromat again! This is very good news!