If you’ve lived in Maine all your life you know the name ‘Burt’s Bees’ as a natural brand of health care products and you certainly know Roxanne Quimby given all her appearances in the news buying up land in our state. But who is Burt?  I wasn’t even sure he was a real person. Well, he is and he is also the subject of a new documentary being released on Friday, not here unfortunately..I asked.

Quite an amazing story really and quite a guy.  Happy with a simple life.  Not bugged too much about Roxanne kind of taking over and forcing him out of the company he co-founded and is the logo icon for still. Burt is happy to watch the wildlife stroll by his door on his 37 acres that was part of the deal

He is quoted as putting it this way to the filmmaker:

"In the long run, I got the land, and land is everything. Land is positively everything. And money is nothing really worth squabbling about. This is what puts people six feet under. You know, I don't need it.”

"Burt's Buzz," which opens Friday in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix and Cleveland.

Burt maybe considered a naturalist and but he also appears to be a gentleman declining to discuss his relationship with Quimby.

He is quoted in the film as saying:

"Roxanne Quimby wanted money and power, and I was just a pillar on the way to that success,"

Quimby on the other hand holds firm to this statement in an e-mail to the AP:

"Everyone associated with the company was treated fairly, and in some cases very generously, upon the sale of the company and my departure as CEO. And that, of course, includes Burt," Quimby, made more than $300 million when she sold the company.

The upshot according to Bert, he doesn't plan to change a thing. He has his three golden retrievers. And he has his land. He states:

"I had no desire to be an upward-mobile-rising yuppie with a trophy wife, a trophy house, a trophy car. I wasn't looking for any of those things. I already had what I wanted," he said in the documentary. "No one has ever accused me of being ambitious."

Although for now there is no plans for a theatre here to show this film that I have been able to find, you can find the full movie here: