'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' is in theaters now and has some Maine made firepower.

Mike and Geoff Howe are the Waterboro brothers behind the 'Ripsaw' tank. They developed the remote control tank for the military. When the brothers where called on by film's developers, all they had to do was demilitarize the tank.

The film's producers insisted on more real deal props, rather than C.G.I. The brothers had the challenge of making the tank drivable by a stunt driver and of course demilitarize the tank.

The brothers and their 20 to 30 man crew make some serious machinery for the military, police agencies and firefighters.

Their latest creation is the Thermite. The Thermite is a remote controlled robot designed to go where firefighters can't. The robot has a multi-directional hose that can blast water on flames at 600 gallons per-minute.

Another cool gizmo; the SWAT Bot. This bad-ass beast can provide officers with a ballistic shield, punch in a door and even move cars, all remotely! I'll take one!

The next movie project for the brothers is for the 'Mad Max' remake.

Watch the G.I. Joe Retaliation trailer