If you have been asking yourself for years why are there only contraception pills for women? The answer is there soon may not be.

An Australia scientist  revealed earlier this week  he has developed a  ground-breaking formula for the world's first male contraceptive pill.

Melbourne's Monash University researchers have outlined a reversible way to stop men releasing sperm during sex, without their experience of ability to produce offspring in the future. The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

By comparison, the feminine version which was introduced 1960 is now used by more than 100 million women around the world.

After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely. And, whether it's politically correct or not to say so, lots of women manipulate birth control and violate men's choices.

Just take Amanda Holden's situation into account. Only last month she confessed to deceiving her husband into fatherhood - even though he expressly said he wasn't ready for another baby.

Dismissing this, she manipulated the understanding on which they had sex and effectively took control over his sperm, his lineage and his choice.

I think the ultimate and obvious up sides to this if it comes to the market is equal responsibility in contraception and no more women tricking someone into getting them pregnant…not that anyone ever does that.

My vote..long over due.