The town of Holden has instituted a new ordinance this week on the use of fireworks.  The ordinance was adopted and implemented immediately to insure "longer quiet time" for the benefit of those that work the early shift or shift work.  It also sets limits on the use of fireworks due to current "fire dangers".

Fireworks in Holden may be shot off between the hours of 9am and 10pm, Sunday through Saturday, except on July 4th and December 31st,  and the weekends before and after said dates, when the hours change to 9am to 12:30am the following day.

Then there's the "Summer Hours" window.  Between the first full day of Daylight Savings Time and the last full day of Daylight Savings Time, consumer fireworks may be used Sundays through Thursday between 12noon and 9pm.  Friday and Saturdays are the standard Maine times that everyone adheres to, 9am until 10pm.

When current weather conditions are dry with a fire danger of "high, class 3 or above", the use of fireworks are prohibited.

Here in Maine consumer use of fireworks has been legal since 2012. Holden has one store that already sells fireworks on Rte. 1A with a second on the way due to open shortly at the crossroads.  There is another fireworks store 4 miles up the road in Brewer.

The use of consumer fireworks in Maine is still a controversial issue with cities and towns fielding complaints frequently.