Wondering what's going on at the old Schooner's/Muddy Ruddy restaurant in Brewer?

The owner of Kosta's Restaurant in Brewer is refurbishing the ground floor of the old Schooner's and will be starting a new seafood restaurant called "High Tide!"  Thomas Shanos hopes to have the new place up and running by the end of June.

High Tide will have indoor seating for about 225 people and more patrons will be able to take advantage of the water view out on their newly refurbished deck complete with bar.  The owner is hoping to have the deck full of people when there's a concert across the river at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion!  Inside, besides seating in the restaurant area, there will be a big horseshoe shaped bar and a wall of televisions for sporting events.

High Tide will have a seafood menu but will also offer up steaks, pasta and family fare!

High Tide will employ about 50 people and the owner would love to talk to former Schooner's workers about employment.

A dental office will be run upstairs by the building's owner, Dr. Brad Rand.