The Motley Crue bassist celebrates another year clean and sober.

Confirmed dead for two minutes from a drug overdose to clean, sober and alive! Nikki took to Twitter and Facebook to mark his special day.

He wrote on his official Facebook page:

'Today is my sobriety birthday. By letting go of self and ego,working a program that connects you to a higher power and giving back to those still struggling are just some of the important things you learn through sobriety. You get to repair the damage done from drink,drugs and horrific behavior's that broke peoples hearts who loved you. For me taking away the substance just gave be a honest view of who I had become and then the healing started. I do believe without any program to help many are just dry drunks and there is always a danger of them going out again.Ive been there. It's not pretty. This is no joking matter to me so I take it seriously. I also love that I get to live in the moment by not carrying around all that baggage (in my head) from years ago.
"Being sober and not being happy is a crime..."
Today I get to be a better father, friend, artists & future husband (the list goes on too)
You get out of this what you put into it...Its not easy but it is the greatest gift you will ever receive IF your an addict....
Thanks for letting me share....
If your not an addict,have a drink on me today.....

Congrats Nikki! Keep up the good work!