The beach in my hometown of Phippsburg has yet again lost shore line.

Every time I visit home, my dog Jojo Dancer and I like to go on a nice long walk on the beach. Sadly, when I visited Popham on St. Paddy's, erosion has whittled away more beach. I live right by the beach and over the years I have seen about 500 feet of beach disappear.

A few years back, storms redirected The Morse river slowing the erosion. Now it's flowing right at the beach again. State park workers have worked to make stone stabilization walls to hold back the waves. However, it seems that the ocean isn't stopping.

The huge concern with the erosion is the many very expensive beach properties that are now very close to the ocean. Also the water is getting close to route 209, which is the only access road to some of the beach homes and historical land marks.

Popham has been the site of an archeological dig that revealed a 1607 settlement. The settlement was the rival of Jamestown, but only was populated for a year.

Popham is also home to two historic forts. Fort Popham was built at the mouth of the Kennebec River in 1861 for use in the Civil War. It was also modified to be used in the Spanish American War and World War 1.

Fort Baldwin was first used in the American Revolution as a coastal defense land battery. World War 1 it was home to 200 solders. Fort Baldwin and Popham worked in tandem. During World War 2 Fort Baldwin was used as an observatory, watching for German boats.