Seems like the same idea Senator King had when he was Governor with a new spin.  And at least your Chiropractor should be pleased if it comes to Maine. The new trend being proposed in large cities is no textbooks in school. One of the largest school systems considering schools without textbooks is New York City, where they are floating an idea to instead use tablets in all 17,000 public school. That would put the city in step with hundreds of other school systems across the country, where books and paper have gone away.

The city currently spends more than a hundred million dollars a year on textbooks and the tablet proposal was made to improve the city's school system. The move to replace hefty textbooks with feather light tablets represents a growing national trend that's happened in places all over the country.

The only downside that comes to me off the top of my head is that if they lose one book they'll have lost them all.  And "m\y batteries went dead" will replace "the dog ate my homework".

Til then remember til then tpo avoid back problem now and in the future your child's backpack shouldn't weigh more then 1/10th of their body weight.