That's it then...I'm not going!

There is currently a ban on sex aboard the International Space Station, but as space tourism moves from science fiction to science fact, it's only a matter of time before some passengers seek to join the 250 Mile High Club. However, some scientists are already advising against it.

The website LiveScience explains that based on a University of Montreal study into the difficulties of trying to breed plants in space, it's quite conceivable that conceiving in space would be fraught with difficulty. "The research...on plant sex and conception in space highlights the fact that we simply don't know the impact space conditions would have on human conception and pregnancy," said writer and researcher Laura Woodmansee.

"Right now, it would be unethical to conceive a baby in orbit, or even risk conception," she explains, considering that, "doctors prescribe medications with warnings about pregnancy...Maybe spaceflight ought to come with a warning label: 'Don't get pregnant in space.'"