Walter McKee, the lawyer for "North Pond Hermit" Christopher Knight, has set up a "restitution fund" that he hopes will eventually pay the victums of Knight's more that 1000 burglaries.

In an email sent yesterday, KcKee says "given the extraordinary interest in helping Chris, we have decided  to open an account today to help Chris pay what will be the substantial restitution he will owe for what he took.  Chris very much wants to make  things right."

Donations can be sent to McKee's office at 123 State Street in Augusta. 04330.  Checks should be made out to:  McKee Billings, LLC, PA, Christopher T.  Knight Escrow.

"Any and all monies will be used exclusively for restitution payments  to victims," McKee said. "If by chance there are any monies leftover,  they will be placed in a trust account for Knight's living expenses  after he is released from jail. None of these monies will be used for  any other purpose."

How do you feel about this? Some North Pond camp owners have voiced opinion that Knight should eventually pay restitution himself, and that there should be some consequences for his behavior.  Others feeling more compassion for the North Pond Hermit will be quick to help.  Take our poll!