Police in Oklahoma are investigating one of the most bizarre deaths they've seen.

65 year old Danny Vanzandt was found dead in his home. His body was incinerated in such a way, police think it may be a case of Spontaneous Human Combustion. His home was not destroyed by his burning body, more evidence of SHC. Matter of fact, not even surrounding furnishings in the home where damaged.

Police know that Danny was an avid drinker and regular smoker. A theory is that Danny may have had a swig of booze then took a drag off his cig. The cig flame may have ignited the booze and traveled within his body. OUCHHH!

An autopsy has ruled out foul play. It could be a few more months until the cause of death can be determined.

There has only been about 200 confirmed cases worldwide of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Definitely one of the WORST way to go! Man, I need a drink!