I am not sure that for a man an unrealistic body image can be damaging but more and more I read that it can be for a guy too.   This I do know for sure, unrealistic body images for young girl can cause all kinds of insecurities and self loathing that can then lead to a myriad of even more serious consequences. That is one reason I was happy to see one online retailer step up.  ModCloth is making history by being the first fashion company to sign an anti-Photoshopping pledge. If the bodies of models are digitally altered in any way, companies who sign the pledge are required to clearly label the image in order to make it clear to viewers that enhancement has taken place. I think this is also important because when shopping on-line you need to really see how the garment drapes on a real person to know that you want to buy.

Lobbyists for the pledge aim to have other companies sign on soon.