We asked our fine listeners/readers where their absolute favorite ice cream/take-out stand is, and why.  Here's what those hungry respondents came up with!  We would highly suggest strapping on a bib and taking a road trip!

One listener called the request line and excitedly said, "The Ice Cream Shoppe in Skowhegan!  Because they give you four scoops with a large ice cream!"  Hey, we can't argue with that!  By the way, the Shoppe opens this coming Friday, April 7th!

One woman called and suggested John's Ice Cream in Liberty, "because their ice cream is the BEST!"

John's Ice Cream/ Google Maps image

Dorman's Dairy Dream in Thomaston came up a couple of times.  The family business started back in 1951, and is a favorite of Edward, a fan of ours at I95Rocks on Facebook.

Daniel at I95Rocks on Facebook must have been really excited to tell us about Gott's Take-Out at the Store in Southwest Harbor, because his text was CAPITALIZED!  We'd suggest getting there as soon as you can!

The Countryside Restaurant and Bakery in Corinth was mentioned twice!  We don't know what's brewing over there, but couple up ice cream with a bakery and we can't get there fast enough!

While we're in that neck of the woods, Corinth Village Creamery was mentioned as a favorite as well.  Shari mentioned on their Facebook page that the "Blueberry Oat Frozen Yogurt was delicious!!!!"  Yes, she used FOUR exclamation points.

Adam who lives in Milford recommended Spencer's Ice Cream in Bradley to us, and we're there!  Any place with a slogan "A Scoop Above The Rest" is worth trying!

Intern Ethan jumped for joy and almost split his pants again when he eagerly recommended Wahl's Dairy Port on Main Street in Bucksport!  Drive by any summer night and you'll see a line of sweet toothed folks down the sidewalk.

While we're in the Bucksport area, make sure that you try Crosby's Drive-In, another local favorite just over the town line in Orland. Go for the clams!

Crosby's Drive-In/Google Maps image

Of course there's the ever popular Gifford's Ice Cream Stand out on Broadway in Bangor, suggested by Ryan at I95Rocks on Facebook.  Looks like Ryan is a Yankees fan. No word yet if he's also a fan of the Fluffernutter Parfait flavor available at the Stand.


Sawyer's Dairy Bar and Dessert Shop at the Triangle in Newport was highly suggested by Jasmine on our Facebook page.  Great ice cream, fried pickles and peanut butter shakes, you just have to LOVE IT!

Sawyer's Dairy Bar/Google Maps image

Lori who works out at the Maine Maritime Academy in Castine told us to try out Bagaduce Lunch in Penobscot.  We hear that both the fried clams and the view can't be beat!

Want the BEST LOBSTER ROLL on the planet?  Make the trip Downeast to Bayview Take-Out on Beal's Island.  My oh my!  It was voted best in Maine and for good reason.

Bayview Takeout Facebook photo

Kevin points us towards Jimmie's Ice Cream and Grill on North Main Street in Brewer.  The website Buzzfeed recently wrote about reasons to visit Jimmie's, which included that their small cones filled with Gifford's ice cream are HUGE, and that their service was super-fast and friendly.  Our very own Amanda is a big fan too, and can be seen there every so often eating their fish and chips!

Just about everyone will visit Bar Harbor this summer, and when you do, stop at Mount Desert Island Ice Cream on Main Street!  President Obama did a few years ago, and he's wicked smart.  Really, the town is filled with great ice places, like CJ's Big Dipper and Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium.

One of the most popular ice cream/take out stands on the planet is Jordan's Snack Bar in Ellsworth. The onion rings and the fish sandwiches are to die for.  Couple them up with a picnic bench under the trees on a hot summer's night and you'll be all set.

Jordan's Snack Bar/Google Maps image

Ellsworth also has another fabulous ice cream stand in Blueberry Hill Dairy Bar on the Bar Harbor Road, a great place to stop by for dessert!

Thanks to everyone that shared their favorite ice cream/take-out stands with us!  Now, if you were only buying.....