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Bangor Recycle Children’s Car Seat Event
In honor of Earth Day, just in time for that summer road trip and because most experts agree that you should change up your child's car seat as they grow a local business is offering a chance for you to turn in the old one for proper disposal.
Rite Aid In Ellsworth Is Closing Soon
The closing of Rite Aid will leave an empty building at the head of "the triangle" where a very popular auto dealership once stood, making prime property available for any potential business that would want to take advantage of the heavy traffic in the area.
E-Waste Collecting in Bangor April 28th
Challenger Learning Center will collect e-waste on Saturday, April 29th from residents and businesses of the Bangor area.
Safely dispose of your e-waste and donate to inspire Maine kids in the subjects of science and math.
I-95 Drive Home Mystery Artist [VIDEO]
Tonight’s mystery artists had a hit song with two unique qualities. 1) The song is mostly sung a cappella and 2) although it was released as the B-side of a single most of the time today it is played first and then consecutively with its A side on the radio. Think you know the songs or the b…

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