You're in your car and driving out of a popular shopping center's parking lot.  You pull up the the streetlights on the main thoroughfare, and suddenly you're sitting next to a man standing in the median holding a sign, asking for cash.

Are you suspicious?

The person standing there may very well be in need of cash for survival.  But, is this their line of work?

We've heard the stories of people finding discarded food donations tossed to the side after a panhandler has left their perch.  So, did they really need food?

We know that there are many many hungry and cold people who need help out there, and   there are many local food pantries, shelters, and organizations available to help.

I've stood in front of many a grocery store, broadcasting live and collecting food for area pantries and shelters.  The Kid from our sister station, Z107.3, is living in the Brewer Hannaford parking lot this week collection turkeys for Manna.  The new Brewer Area Food Pantry is opening next week, which will be another great source to help those in need.

To me, money that is given to area food pantries and shelters goes much further for those in need.  These organizations can buy discounted food and supplies in bulk with your donated cash, helping out many.

But there again, to have a definite person in need, standing beside you at a traffic light asking for's hard to resist.

Back in August, the city of Portland ban panhandling in medians, mostly as a safety issue.  People cannot sit, stand and talk in medians in that city.  The law was enacted because drivers were worried that they may run over a panhandler.  A panhandler may be a distraction to a driver, maybe even causing an accident as one pulls out onto the road.

So, with these thoughts and concerns, how do you feel  about panhandlers standing in the median?  Take our poll and let us know!  You can also add your thoughts to the COMMENTS section below!