My baby brother is making headlines!

Back in high school, my brother Pat and I both played lacrosse for Morse. My brother was a long time baseball player, until I converted him. We'd toss a ball around in the back yard till the sun went down. The last few years of high school he joined the team and quickly became an incredible player. Matter of fact, in practices he became my most feared shot. As a goalie for seven years, I took some hard hits and shots. Pat's shot...was deadly. I'm scared just thinking of it!

His first two years on University of New England's lacrosse team featured an occasional appearance on the field. Now as a junior he's scoring crazy goals and taking names!

Pat was a key player in UNE's last game scoring 4 goals, including a key insurance goal late in the game. The Nor'easters beat Gordon College 11-10, yesterday. He also lead the team to a snowy win a few weeks ago against Morrisville State College, with three goals.

Way to go baby bro!