OK this is a little odd but I suppose if you just lost a pet and wanted one that looks the same but can’t afford cloning or maybe you love your friends dog but aren’t willing to dog-nap this app is what you need and great news it is available today.

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They call it PetMatch, and it uses images of either an old pet, an animal that belongs to a friend, or just a favorite breed to search for similar ones nearby.

The app only searches for animals that are up for adoption in the user’s local area, and as a result the service is only available in certain areas.

A Californian start-up  named Superfish, which specializes in image search algorithms Invented PetMatch.

Here is how it works, you upload a photo to PetMatch, or use a sample image from the gallery, and the app will search a database of pets for adoptable animals with similar features.  It uses Superfish’s patented image recognition technology to perform what’s called geometric analysis. Geometric analysis plots  out distinct things from your up loaded  photo for example, distance between the animal’s eyes, the angle of its mouth, its face shape and its color and so on.

After the app has run a search and come up with available animals the users can then browse a list of potential matches before clicking through to a profile and learning more about the dog, and which animal shelter has it up for adoption. May not be hooked up with our local shelters yet but I'm no doubt it will be.