Here is a moment I didn’t see coming.  In a decision to better fit their purpose of good health and longevity for their patrons CVS Caremark announced this morning (2/5) that as of October 1, 2014 they will no longer sell tobacco products.

This is expected to cause at least a 2 billion dollar loss in revenue and lower their stock value about 17 cents.

CVS has about 7600 stores across the country and along with the tobacco-less standard plans to launch a intensive stop smoking program for their customers and will continue to sell smoking cessation products.

CVS Caremark is the first pharmacy in the US to take this tact.

Personally I am not sure how I fell about this.  On one hand it  may be healthier and on the other hand it isn’t their place to decide and yet on the other hand still it is their place to choose not to help and make money off the addiction.

How do you feel?