Yesterday I went to Scarborough with my cousin Vicki and my bunny Bella in tow to Scarborough.  Bella's vet is there and I needed to get her teeth checked.

YouTube Image

Once we dropped her off at Pine Point Animal Hospital we had a little time to kill so we ran to the Maine Mall for a minute and then to Pine Point Beach which I had heard was nice but had never been there.  Once we parked and crested the dune to see the beach all I could say was a jaw dropping, Wow!

I love the beach and have lived in Florida and California so I've seen some really nice ones. In fact Pine Point Beach actually reminds me of a California beach, minus the warm water of course.  Pine Point is very deep and exceptionally long and perfect for walking.  Unlike most of the rocky beaches in Bar Harbor, Pine Point is sandy and I'm talking beautiful while sand. They also have great parking, changing rooms and bathrooms and a snack shack.

I didn't have my camera with me but I found this pictorial video on YouTube to give you the tour. It takes about 2 hours to get there from Bangor but well worth the trip and plenty to do around town too.