June is bridal season and that means it’s time to Pop the Question and WIN with Beals Jewelry in Ellsworth and I-95.

Here’s how you play:

Join Dorian Daniels at 3 p.m. weekdays for your chance to call in and ask a yes/no question about our mystery wedding related person, place of thing then take a guess.  Guess right and the beautiful jewelry prize from Beal's Jewelry will be yours.


We are currently looking for a mystery wedding related person. Here what we know so far...


  • This person could be either a man or a woman
  • It is not David Tutera from Bravo's wedding show
  • (HINT) So I'd say, it is safe to assume  this is not any member of the wedding party.
  • It is not the wedding planner
  • It is not the person who performs the ceremony
  • (HINT) This person most likely won't come into the church or reception buildings

Congratulations to Paula Sereyko of Howland who guess the Limo driver and won the pendant.  Way to celebrate the 4th!

A one-third carat.....14k gold.....diamond pendant....valued $800.00







The first prize we’ll play for, a set of necklace, bracelet and pierced earrings – 14k gold freshwater cultured pearls.....valued at $300.00

Congratulations to Ann Bodge of Hampden!  She guessed the Bridal Registry and won the pearls.

Here is how our first game went...6/17,18,19,20,21,24

  • This is not anything on the tables at the reception
  • It is not the wedding announcement
  • It doesn't really come in any specific particular color
  • It isn't the wedding dress (Hint: This thing is not anything you wear)
  • If you are getting married in the US chances are this is put together somewhere in the US (HINT: usually by the bride and groom)
  • It is not a house
  • You can't drink it
  • It isn't found at the wedding or the reception
  • It isn't the bridal shower
  • It isn't a photo or album
  • It is not the alter
  • It is not edible ( HINT: unless you've made printed copy and you are a goat)
  • It had nothing to do with decorations
  • It is not the proposal or the vows
  • (HINT) Think retail
  • It is not the guest list (Hint: but it is a kind of list)
  • It is not plane tickets

Bookmark this page!  Each day after 5 p.m. I'll post that day's question and  a recap of all the questions asked until the prize is won.