Beard brothers, ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!

This winter I joined the beard bandwagon. I made it all the way through No Shave Novembeard for the first time. However, I didn't achieve the beardly awesomeness I wanted. It's sad that my younger brother is more beardly than I am. Whether you have stubble, ZZ Top fur, or my patchy Paul Pierce semi beard; your welcome at the Portland Facial Hair Festival!

The 7th annual Portland Facial Hair Festival is set for March 26-30. The festival has come a long way from it's roots as the Stache Pag. More sponsors have signed on the make this years festival bigger and less of a niche event. The Maine Facial Hair Club and The Traveler Beer Co. have signed on as the major sponsors this year.

The festival includes events like a facial hair farmers market, a beard and mustache competition dubbed the 'Can Am Challenge' and even a mustache film fest.

Groups like Bearded Brothers for Change in Augusta, use events like these to get the word out about their organizations. They do more than just grow amazing beards. They recently made a wheelchair ramp for a man with cancer. They also organize fund raisers and blood drives.

The main goal of the festival is to tear down the stigmas of bearded men. Beards aren't just for outlaws, bikers or hippies anymore.

Tickets for the main event, The Stache Pag, are $20 and set for March 29th. For more info on the Portland Facial Hair Festival, visit

By the way, below is a comparison of my brother's fluffiness (left) to mine(right)...I know, I know...his is better.

Paul Wolfe