Six protesters where arrested yesterday in Fairfield.

Police where called after someone reported that a group of people where blocking the intersection of Lawrence and Main street. The group was comprised of members of 350 Maine, a group aimed at addressing the climate crisis.

Police asked the group to remove road cones that where placed in the intersection. The group of 20 to 30 people complied before walking a short distance down the railroad tracks where they then erected a sign over the tracks. Police say they let the group protest as long as they could before asking them to disperse at 9:30PM. Those who refused to were arrested for criminal trespassing and taken to Somerset County Jail.

350 Maine said they where trying to stop a train heading for Canada supposedly transporting crude oil the was fracked from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota. The group says the process of fracking oil from the ground is dangerous to the environment and trains transporting the oil are at great risk of derailing and spilling its cargo into waterways.

Police say the group dismantled the sign over the tracks and PanAm Railways was notified of the protest. The train never passed through the intersection.