I was reading today an article that said:

There are many reasons to “unfriend” people on Facebook but the most common reason for culling a virtual friendship is polarizing opinions about religion and politics.

Adults are most likely to unfriend acquaintances from school, which could be because people’s views change over the years so they have less in common than they did. The other big reason for unfriending is frequent, uninteresting posts.

So I looked up a few sites that had reasons to in my case unfollow someone.  I don't unfriend anybody cause well, I just don't. Truth is I'll put up with most things for a little while and then it's off you go.

However, if you...

  • Use foul language
  • Post too many food images
  • Give me too much information about your sex life
  • Try to ramp beliefs religious or political up my nose too often.
  • Blah, blah on too much about bad days or bad nights too often (unless it's funny)
  • Siting too many examples of what a constant mess you are but how you've come to embrace it (unless it's funny)