Apparently workers lose their ambition at the age of 35. The study by the Families and Work Institute found that ambition at work had declined overall in the past 15 years - especially among men.
The age of 35 is the age when men and women no longer compete with their colleagues for promotion or seek greater responsibility in their roles.
The research found that drive never recovers throughout a working life. However, the speed of decline slows for women when they reach retirement age.
It is believed that bringing up children is one of the likeliest causes of people losing their ambition.
For many people, the age of 35 could coincide with the tiring and demanding job of bringing up small children.
Another reason behind the longer term decline of ambition could be down to 'the 'converging roles of mothers and father', the study found, as men take on more domestic duties.
Twice as many workers attempt to gain promotion at the age of 24 than at 44