From the mid 60s to the early 1980s eight track tapes were the popular way to listen to music, especially while on the road!  Man, there wasn't anything like it!  Cruising down Route 1 on the way to the swimming hole at the quarry with Thin Lizzy blaring out of those Radio Shack speakers!

People laugh when remembering how a song would suddenly stop when the tape player was changing tracks.  But you know, producers could shove a whole bunch of frequency on those wide tapes and they sounded great!

The tapes would jam at times and the player would "eat the tape."  It was pretty much guaranteed that you would find a discarded 8 track cartridge on the side of the road with strings of tape stretching out for miles.  Damn, I miss those days!

Foghat never sounded better then they did on an 8 track tape!