This Sunday of course is Father's Day.  We usually take my brother out for lunch because is is the man in the family now and is a constant support of help, encouragement and safety to Mom and I.  We lost Dad many years ago but I have to say I still miss him all the time. When we are growing up my Mom had to work nights and she says those nights he'd take care of us is when Dad really became a friend as well as a staple in our lives.

I remember going to BIA and watching the planes land, trips to Dairy Queen, as I grew, helping him care for the pool. He'd come to see me in plays and gave me my first car and once I was out on my own, oh my, all the projects he helped me with.  Christmas and Birthday he'd give me tools so we'd have what we needed on hand. I don't think he ever thought I'd really use them myself.

I look a lot like my Dad and that make me glad. He was a really great guy. I remember that he was forever helping someone. Now, nobody is perfect of course but outside of any of that, even disagreements I knew he loved me and he knew I loved him back warts and all.

So I guess if you are lucky enough to still have a Dad to hug and give a little respect to on Father's Day, do it.  Do it for him, do it for yourself, heck do it for me. If there is stuff in the way, for at least one day or for one hour, let it go. Everyday is a new day and he'll always be your Dad.