We all know that men hate shopping, Right? Well maybe not so right anymore as a new survey show that today’s man is both spending more on shoes and clothes and also researching and just shopping until he finds the perfect thing to the tune of getting into the stores 2.5 times per week. In fact this study show that men are giving women a run for their money in the retail therapy stakes.

There are still differences though, it appears that quality more than quantity are the ticket for most men, with 41 per cent of men preferring to spend their hard earned cash on a couple of expensive items.

Two thirds of men are likely to name a designer brand amongst their favorite retail Meccas, with 60 per cent citing it as an important factor when deciding which shops to visit, compared with 40 per cent of women.

Men voted Nike and Adidas as their two favorite brands And the bond between ‘boys and their toys’ rings true when it comes to shopping, with technology playing an important part of the retail therapy experience.

Nearly three quarters of all men (72 per cent) use a smartphone or tablet when shopping, with 49 per cent checking prices online, 43 per cent searching for opening times and over a third looking for directions.

A spokesman for Westfield, who carried out the survey, said: 'Men’s fashion and grooming has been an increasingly growing trend and our research shows that they are finally catching up with the women’s sector.