Motorcyclists rumbled into Maine's capital yesterday in support of fallen police officers.

The national group Ride4Cops road their motorcycles into Augusta yesterday, raising money for fallen police officer's families. The group stopped at the Fallen Officers Memorial for a small ceremony, before they drove across town to the Maine State Police headquarters. The group is driving to every state capital in the country, Maine was the halfway point for Ride4Cops.

Former Texas police officer Harry Herington is the founder of Ride4Cops. He told the Bangor Daily News: 'Law enforcement who protect each community in Maine every day are heroes who deserve our support. As a former police officer, I know that an officer’s biggest concern isn’t falling in the line of duty, but what will happen to his or her family if that occurs.'

Herington says 100% of the proceeds from the ride goes to Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. Herington pays out of his pocket for the gas to get him around country. Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. pays for scholarships and counseling for families and coworkers of fallen officers.

So far the 2013 Ride4Cops has collected $500,000. Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. has helped out 15,000 people since 1984. Each year 140 police officers are killed in the line of duty.