Update 8/15

Courtesy of Birdsacre

So far so good and my little winged friend has made a new friend of his/her own. Birdsacre volunteers tell me he/she seems to be adjusting and I think that having a friend always encourages little ones to do better.  Let's hope and maybe someday these two will be winging the skies together.


Update:  Well I spoke with Birdsacre and our little friend was a fledgling robin.  Our baby is eating and drinking and so far doing very well.  Happenstance also provided a friend right there as well since the sanctuary was already home to a fledgling robin.  I mused with the volunteer that the baby must have been praying for a friend and now she's got one:)

Remember you can stop by the Birdsacre sanctuary in Ellsworth 7 days a week and see how she is doing. Plus there are other birds in residence and a group of walking trails to boot.

So last night I'm out with the bunny on the lawn when something goes hopping by.  It's a bird, what up with that.  So I head out with a flashlight to see if I can find her but I don't so I think good she flew off.

Page 2 this morning I am back out with the bunny and who runs across my path but my little feathered friend.  So I think...ok I guess I will be helping you out after all.  I round up my little charge and head down to Birdsacre in Ellsworth only to find nobody there yet...except birds of course.  So I leave a note and miss birdy and head to work.

Once here, I called to be sure she had been found and was being helped.  She was.

Tune in for type and condition of our little friend.