Ever wonder what your favorite rockers had for jobs before they made it big? We answer that question!

Paul Kane -- Getty Images

Bon Scott - Before he was signing about the 'Highway to Hell' he was on the sidewalk delivering mail as a postman!





Michael Regan -- Getty Images

Freddie Mercury - Before his Queen days Freddie was selling art and clothing in Kensington market. He also worked at Heathrow Airport in the catering department.





Dimitrios Kambouris -- Getty Images

Gene Simmons - Talk about strange! Before Gene donned the make-up, boots and bass he was an elementary school teacher! He was fired for substituting Shakespeare for Spider-Man comics. He also was assistant editor for Vogue Magazine! What!?




Jason Merritt -- Getty Images

Ozzy - Before he started biting bats, Ozzy was going deaf in a car factory as a horn-tuner. His list of jobs continue as a construction worker, apprentice tool-maker and trainee plumber!




Frank Micelotta -- Getty Images

Curt Cobain - Before his grunge music days in Nirvana he was gettin' grungy as a janitor.